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U7 stands for the G7 Urban7 process, which advocates for a continuous dialogue between the G7 members and municipal actors.

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G7 Urban7

The G7 Urban7 (U7) advocates for a continuous dialogue between the G7 nations and municipal actors represented by  national associations and supported by international city networks. It addresses the G7 Presidency and is moved forward by a strong urban alliance. The U7 Group is chaired by the U7 Secretariat consisting of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) as well as the city association from the country leading the G7 that year. In 2023, the G7 Presidency is held by Japan and thus the Japan Designated City Mayors' Association (JDCMA) is fulfilling that role in the U7 Group.

U7’s long-term goal is to be recognised as an official G7 Engagement Group.

Local governments and municipal actors are willing to contribute to G7 conferences and processes.

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“We acknowledge the significant role of cities, their associations, and networks as actors in our transformation towards sustainable development. We commit to foster exchange among and with cities.”

G7 Leaders’ Communiqué
28  June 2022

G7 leaders met in Elmau (Germany) for the G7 Summit on 26-28 June 2022. In an exceptional sign of recognition of the vast potential and ongoing impact of local leaders, G7 leaders acknowledged the importance of cities, their networks and associations in their Communiqué. They pointed to the crucial role cities will play in achieving, among others, climate neutrality and democratic values.

References to cities, urbanisation and multilevel action at G7 Ministerial Communiqué in May 2022

G7 Urban Development Ministers’ Communiqué (13 September 2022)

Mayors Summit 2023

  2 March     Tokyo, Japan, and online

G7 city leaders gathered in Tokyo and online for the third annual U7 Mayors Summit.  They presented their Mayors Declaration, which was drafted collaboratively by the national city networks of the G7 members and the U7 Secretariat.


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